It is reserving the right by the visitor to enjoy a space for one person in a room, balcony, terrace, roof or window as the case may be, SHARED with other users who have also made a reservation in that place.

It is reserving the right by the visitor to enjoy both rooms, bedrooms, balconies, terraces, roofs or windows, as appropriate, and the enclosed space to them in the case of balconies or windows, EXCLUSIVELY for a group of people according to the capacity of the room.

The pricing policy for children may vary according to the space. Check the price column of children in each case.

Children above the age specified shall be counted as adults.

You will find all the necessary information concerning the space within the balcony publication. However, you can make inquiries about availability of spots through "AVAILABILITY CHECKER"

For more specific questions you can send them through indicating the balcony code and we we will send it to the owner.

No. Due to numerous requests received by owners daily they can not attend to all queries. That is why they use Mybalcony services to meet these requests.

For security reasons owner contact details are given once made the payment during the booking process.

No. In most cases the owners develop a professional activity in the spaces or are engaged in other tasks that do not allow them attending personally the numerous requests received to visit the spaces.

However, on the balcony publication you will find all the necessary information and photographs so you can see with full fidelity the qualities of space, in the same way as when making a hotel reservation.

Yes, all owners who have posted on the web have passed an interview with the Mybalcony staff. You will also find the Seal "VETERAN BALCONY" on those balconies that have a great track record of rents and, for the most committed owners, the Seal "RECOMMENDED OWNER" for those you can do a immediate reservation.

Mybalcony offers the distinctive "VISITED SPACE" which means that the space has been visited by Mybalcony staff to check their suitability for the enjoyment of visitors and offers views as reflected in the photographs.

The booking procedure follows the following steps:

1. Choose the fiesta in which you are interested.

You can filter through balconies searcher

2. Check the balcony that best suits your needs.

All necessary information about the balcony and services is contained in the balcony publication.

3. Check out the balcony availability

If the balcony has confirmed spots, you can book immediately

If you do not have confirmed spots, ask the owner about the availability.

4. Reserve your space by paying the amount stated

5. After making the payment, Mybalcony will send you the contact details of the owner and exact address of the property within a period of 48 h


Mybalcony is a website to publish exclusive spaces in prime locations from which to enjoy an event that takes place on public spaces.

Not all spaces are eligible to be published on Mybalcony, and that is why you can request the publication of your space through the application form found in the section "Publish your balcony".

If your space meets the necessary features, we will contact you to request an appointment to visit the space and set booking conditions. If we cannot move to visit the space, we will send you an online form to be filled with all the booking conditions.

Depending on the type of space, services offered, location, height, etc., you can set an amount or another. Below a table is shown where guide prices are set to have more possibility to rent your space. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE THE FINAL PRICES FOR THE CLIENTS AND SO, YOU MUST CONSIDER THE MYBALCONY COMMISION.​

Mybalcony receives the payment of the total rental cost. Mybalcony takes its commission, and transfer to the owner the rest of the amount of the reservation.

Mybalcony issues an invoice to the customer for their services, and the owner will be responsible for issuing an invoice to the customer for the concept of renting space.

Yes, in the case of spots rental.

Not in case of private room rental.

In the case of spots reservations, you can be present to control the proper use of the facilities, if you cannot be present may contract this service to Mybalcony.

In the case of private room reservation, you can demand payment of a deposit at the entrance which will be refunded if space has no damages.

Publish in Mybalcony is FREE


Depending on the fiesta, it must have some minimum standards:


• Only “Official routes” or routes with a high frequency of processions.

• Only first, second and third floor.


• Spaces located next to the pyrotechnical Square area

• All heights allowed

• Only areas with high capacity of people (minimum 10 people capacity)


• Spaces located next to the path of passage of the bulls

• Aall heights Allowed