The San Fermin fiesta is a celebration in honour of San Fermin that takes place each year in Pamplona (Spain) between July 6 and July 14.
The fiesta begins on July 6 with the “Txupinazo Rocket” that takes place in the Town Hall Square in Pamplona. Thousands of people gather in the square waiting the mayor's announcement of the start of the fiesta with the launch of a rocket from the balcony of City Hall.
The origin of the Sanfermin fiesta dates back to medieval times as a result of the tradition evolution of trade fairs and religious ceremonies in honor of San Fermin in the early thirteenth century. The fairs were meeting places for merchants, farmers and villagers, which in turn served as an excuse to celebrate and organize bullfights, documented from the fourteenth century. These events went through various dates changed from the beginning to the end of summer, but coming together in 1591 to begin July 7 to take the best weather.
It will certainly be one of the greatest parties in the whole country, moreover, with particular impact in the world. Thousands of visitors travel to Pamplona to enjoy this fun party where you can enjoy good wine and good food as well as other unique experiences. You will witness one of the most exciting bullfighting events such as the famous “runnings of the bulls”, take part in folk traditions and enjoy spectacular bullfights.
As Hemingway wrote on his novel, this is a unique experience that you cannot miss!